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The Market Leaders Association of Nigeria

The market leaders association of Nigeria is a body that brings all the
markets in Nigeria together in one singular is non tribal in

nature and embraces all the geopolitical zones in Nigeria ,and it’s
registered under the cooperation affair commission number

NIGERIA being the most populated country in Africa cannot exist without is therefore imperative to note that the market forms the engine room for any economy.imagine a world without markets.such a world will be referred to as a barren world.the market is the life wire of any nation,it is the determinate of the increase or decline of any may be local or international also remains the propelling force that moves every economy forward in the right direction.this markets will not function well without controls.who are these controls that set the pace for every market ?of course ; the answer is not far fectch.the leaders of every market keeps the whole entity in one piece.

The leaders decide, who does what and how it should be done,infact the leaders are the machinery that police the market to its right course.theydirect,counsel and plan ahead for good future of their markets.the leaders therefore are referred to as the eyes of the market,as he sees ahead and shield her members from any eventuality.he represent them even before the government.