GM worldwide is dedicated to ensure positive changes enthronement of the credible leadership from diver’s organizations, so as to bring them into the limelight of integrity, peace and unity, and to join forces to rebuild our father’s land.

GM worldwide started in the year 2010 and was instrumental to the election/electoral process of the former President GoodluckEbeleAzikiwe Jonathan. Our firm, comprising of over 5000 NGOs/Associations cutting across ethnic and religious boundaries, gender and age considered him to be the right candidate at that time, and to form a socio political movement and campaign team that are part of our mandate to mobilize Nigeria citizens nationwide to cast their votes. The same activity was carried out for other individuals as is the tradition of our firm to analyze contestants and recommend the ones with the best interest of the public.


Our firm, we believe, remains a veritable major united platform where various duly registered associations, cutting across the nation with good intentions, present their agitations. International organizations are also good reference point on how success could be achieved better by being united. For instance, the United Nations has been able to contain terrorism whenever it raises its ugly head in any part of the world through collaborated efforts of the member nations. Indeed, great nations and organizations in world politics and economy, despite their enormous strength, still see the need to join forces with others no matter how weak those member states or organizations might seem, because they know the importance of unity.